This sounds very much like my situation. I was 23 when I met my daughter’s dad, and we got very serious, very quickly. Under our new passion, we decided we wanted to have a baby. I was working as a waitress and partying at night. He moved into my little apartment. I got pregnant the 2nd month of us dating. He turned out to be a sociopathic asshole, and with a newly sober mind I realized my situation. I wanted my baby, but the circumstances were less than ideal. He left, and made my life and my daughter’s life hell for years. I went to college, moved out of state, had a successful career, met and married a great guy, and my daughter is now a well-adjusted, intelligent 15 year-old. I’ll be 40 this year. It’s hard as hell. Parenting is the most emotionally challenging, lonely job in the world. Keep fighting through, you’ve got this.

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