How animals can heal us from grief

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The last two years were utter shit. Several intense personal losses completely unhinged my faith in the universe. While I was no stranger to death, grief, and heartache, the trauma and loss profoundly altered me. …

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Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about grief. Let’s talk about grief.

If the Salt and Pepa’ reference is lost on you, I’m sorry. I’m a 90’s kid.

Much like sex, grief has become a dirty word. Though while we are all secretly interested in talking about sex…

Finding peace in nature, and solace in animals

Three months ago, I made the 2nd most significant personal endeavor of my life. On a whim, I decided I wanted to leave rainy Washington state and move to the sunny desert of Arizona. …

Why I finally ended our toxic relationship

“You no longer mean anything to me, and I hope you know that.”

“I should have had an abortion like I wanted to.”

“You are nothing but a godless, liberal bitch.”

These are just a few of the voice messages my mother has left me over the years. I saved…

How dork culture is damning

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Like many 90’s kids, I grew up watching Saved By the Bell. I still watch it. Every Saturday morning I turn on the tv to watch reruns of Saved By the Bell on IFC. Watching as a kid, it felt hopeful, and as a young adult, it felt comforting and…

Loving a partner with a chronic illness

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When you fall in love, there is a silent expectation of hope. A promise that everything will turn out just as you envision it. I had all of these thoughts floating around in my head when I fell in love with my husband. …

Do we compromise our morals out of a sense of loyalty?

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I can always rely on my mother for her unwitting contribution to my blogging content. I could write for days about her odd behaviors and emotional baggage and the challenging nature of our relationship. I have periods where I cut off communication with her for my own sanity. I haven’t…

At the cost of our health. Why I put the wine glass down.

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Four years ago, I had a terrifying personal health scare. During a routine well-check exam, my doctor found a lump in my breast. This is probably one of the most feared situations a woman can go through regarding her health. …

Why shielding children from death is troublesome.

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Children have incredible imaginations. They also take things in a very literal sense. Chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows; clocks have actual hands; imagine the first time that you tell them about a bear named Pooh. …

A case for microdosing Psychoactive drugs

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In Episode four, Season One, of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia (my new favorite obsession) host Hamilton Morris travels to Mexico in search of “magic mushrooms.”

In each episode, Hamilton goes on an Alice-In-Wonderland-like journey in search of the history of a particular psychotropic drug. In his…

Amanda Kristen

Chewing bubble gum and writing. Normalizing death and grief. Desert living, coffee-addicted, dog-snuggler.

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